Nicole is our head surgery assistant. She has been with us for 4 years! Nicole also handles the inventory and goes into rooms in the afternoons.

Outside of the hospital, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their children. Nicole also has a small farm, and runs a mobile petting zoo!




Hannah has been with us for over a year. She is surgery trained but spends most of her time in rooms interacting with the clients and pets. She was recently promoted to lead assistant, and that puts her in charge of the assistants in the exam rooms.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her sons and her pets.



Melanie has been part of our team since February 2019. She is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology and is hoping to be accepted into a veterinary medicine program soon. Melanie comes from a background of loving all creatures, and it shows in her work with our patients! Melanie loves interacting with clients in rooms and getting to know the pets they bring with them. She is gentle, loving and a true patient advocate. Melanie believes that treats are the best, and quickest, way to a pet’s heart and will spoil each pet that she is able to. Melanie loves the veterinary field because she feels it awards her the opportunity to make a positive impact on pets and their humans, and the puzzle that each case can present. Her greatest accomplishments while assisting with cases come from helping those who can’t speak for themselves! Melanie’s true passion in veterinary medicine is senior pets and those with chronic illnesses, as she has had pets that need extra love and attention in the past.

“We are set apart by our level of commitment to the animals. We have a desire not just to treat present concerns, but to be actively involved in the pet and owner’s lives to assist them in any way we can.”




Ceili is our newest addition to the team! She comes to us from a feline-only practice and has brought a lot of knowledge with her. You will find Ceili upfront at the reception desk, where she is eager to answer your questions and assist any of the pets that walk through the door. She is currently enrolled in school to be a registered veterinary technician.

In her spare time, Ceili enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and their pets. Ceili enjoys trying new foods and watching tv on her off days.



Rozalyn is our hard-working kennel assistant. She focuses on keeping the building clean, and helping where she is needed while she is here.